Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment

Download the MOLST Form

The MOLST form has recently been revised.  In addition to some minor clarifying and stylistic changes in the form itself, a third page “Important Information about MA MOLST provides instructions for printing the MOLST form and links to essential information about the MOLST process for clinicians on the MOLST website.

Please note that all previously posted versions of the MOLST form remain valid. 

The MOLST form is available only to individual clinicians and clinical care institutions implementing the MOLST process and form.  Sample MOLST forms may be accessed by patients and family members here.

MOLST is still new to Massachusetts, so systems may not yet be in place in every community or in all institutions to honor MOLST forms. 

When you begin using MOLST forms with patients, it is recommended that you:

  • Inform patients and their families that all institutions may not yet be aware of MOLST, so there is a chance their form may not be honored.
  • Identify which other clinical care institutions or systems in your area have implemented, or are in the process of implementing, the MOLST form.
  • Help alert and/or educate other clinical care providers in your area about MOLST and refer them to this Massachusetts MOLST website at

Access a Clinician Checklist for Using MOLST with Patients 

See narrated slide Training Presentations for Clinicians and Institutions Implementing MOLST

You may proceed to the download page here.


Archived Samples of MOLST Forms

All previously posted versions of the MOLST form remain valid.  Click here to see archived samples of the earlier versions of the MOLST form.